Monday, June 02, 2008

Fantasy without elves?

Well, no. :) A lot of menial stuff came over the week that kept me away from the computer, including storms and blackouts and urgent house chores, but here it is, finally... the first look at what amounts to "classic" elves in Nahast: the Maehvindra.

Also, a peek at a couple of members of the Nahastian exotic-but-still-normal fauna: the Zephyr Stag, which the elves tame to use as mounts, and the Bullhog, which the pointy-eared guys use as beasts of labor and war mounts. Poor is the bandit that tries to ambush an elf caravan. I'd give them d20 stats but... well, D&D 4th Edition comes out this week, so I'll be saving my game-designing efforts for that new ruleset :)


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