Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Halloween! (sung to Nightmare Before Christmas)

I usually would do something special for Halloween except for a couple of things:

a) I have a job! Or sorta... I'm in a training/trial period at a translation agency and thus my times for doing Nahast-related stuff are limited.

b) I don't celebrate Halloween. No, really... as fun a holiday as it is, I much prefer my national, traditional holiday of Day of the Dead, which comes on November 2nd.

c) Nahast's Birthday! This friday Nahast will be 5 years old! I'm preparing something else for that:

d) Surprise! I'm feverishly using my free time to get something special ready for Friday. Can't tell you what it is, only that fans of Nahast's story and setting more than the characters and art will get a huge kick out of it.

e) Update? Well... at least the script and storyboards are done...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hard one!

I would have liked to get this update done earlier; in fact, the base colors where done by monday, but a lot of things have been coming on that delayed things. I've been editing my mother's autobiography, doing some art for a corporate presentation for my sister's employers, trying to find emergency funds sources to finance a possible trip to Germany to visit AngelChyld... phew.

I kept getting stuck on the first frame. I usually do backgrounds last, but I chose to do the first frame first, being one big background. I kept getting stalled in the details, and then distracted by all the other things. When that frame was done, everything went a lot more smoothly. I liked doing the sea in the second to last frame; seems oceans and mountains are becoming my landscape specialties... I need to master vegetation too, and find a quick way to do cityscapes.

And I changed the character design of Niriko's dad a little. I figured... he must have been something to have an elf fall in love with him and have his child, and the original drawing made him out to be an old scroogey guy, so I made him look rougher and more solid and manly. Besides, I haven't drawn the man in about 4 years and my style has changed since then, so, why not fiddle with the design? It's part of the clauses in my artistic license. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Hundred!

With the beginning of Chapter VIII, Nahast reaches it's 200 pages! Not only that, but in a couple of weeks, Nahast will have its 5th birthday too. I'll post the obligatory reminiscent post that day, especially as I have a surprise lined up.

So, about this page... the dragonfish legend is something that popped in my mind as I was thinking for a good way to start this chapter. It does have a reason to be here now, as it highlights the beginning of summer in Solerne, and I thought that the local folklore hadn't been portrayed enough save for a few references... and in my humble opinion, nothing brings a fantasy world to life like having its own folk tales.

If you check my LiveJournal, you'll read that I'm in a hard situation right now. I'm working on more Nahasty goodness like updating the site, making another wallpaper and that surprise I had talked about too, so, if you have in your heart (and your pocket ^^ ) to help me out, please do!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Secret's out!

Some of you already suspected it, to a couple of you I actually confirmed it but here it is, finally, the official revelation of Eclipse's true identity.

I struggled a bit on how to write her monologue, how to show how truly messed up she is without actually laying it ALL out (I do have to keep some plot points for later on, no? :) ). Eclipse/Tzie are not really two persons co-existing in one body. Like Xu're was able to see that night, Eclipse and Tzie are shards of the same whole, but they are able to push the other to the background, and they have very distinct behaviors and personalities that make her seem like she is possessed, or something.

Anyway! With the cat out of the bag, there's a new wallpaper in the donation art page, featuring our cute schizoid assassin. This will be the first of a series of character-themed wallpapers, but I had the idea for this one floating up for a while, but couldn't do it yet because it's a HUGE spoiler for today's page.

This is also the end of the Interludes chapter; what I wanted to do with this is to showcase some aspects of the story that do not center around Derrexi and the Hawk Maidens as a group, but illustrate details about different characters and situations that do not get enough "camera time". Plots were revealed, secrets were exposed, and people waxed philosophical.

Now, on another piece of news, Nahast is now featured on the Comixpedia! I'll add some more material to the page eventually, but nothing you can't already find at the site itself. Or, if you feel like adding stuff yourself, it is a wiki, after all.

Next week will start a new chapter, and it's the turn to have some action-packed scenes! I only have one word as a hint: Elves! ;)

I haven't figured out what's wrong with the comments part so, comment on the forum!