Thursday, November 02, 2006

Four and counting

It shouldn't be surprising this update didn't go up since morning... after all, it's become tradition that I update in the evenings, and why defy tradition on this glorious Day of the Dead, in which Nahast is exactly four years old?

It's not a coincidence that the comic's anniversary coincides with the Day of the Dead. It's not symbollic either, it's just my favorite holiday of the year.

In any case, there are goodies for you this 4th anniversary. This year I didn't organize a fanart contest because I have nothing to give out (although I hear from the publisher that Kitsunemori will be available in print version next year). Instead, I will present you with the mostly final version of the martial artist class for the still-very-much-in-progress Nahast campaign book. This is the class that Derrexi belongs to.

As a companion chapter, also find the ki feats; the basic abilities of martial arts. This chapter is mostly complete as well, barring ideas I will keep coming up with.