Monday, May 08, 2006

Light at the end?

Hey... still trapped in the land of no access. However, I'm more or less settled in now, with only a few magazines to unpack, rack and put up and a few boxes to put away. Cable company finally showed up and installed the signal for one TV, with the other due tomorrow when they come back with thinner cables. I talked with my neighbor and I may have access around this week, but still not sure when.

However, being settled in means that I finally have some time to draw. The next page is already inked and ready to be colored as soon as I get back home, and I'll start working on the next right away, so you get two pages in the same week. If I don't have access, I'll burn those pages on a CD and upload them at the cybercafe as the worst case scenario.

So! Things will return to normal sooner rather than later!