Saturday, December 08, 2007

On delays and workings and stuff

I haven't been updating the comic, true, and I could have updated the rants section, but whenever I remember I should, I'm at work and I don't remember my password... however, I remembered it now, so I'll give a situation update and address a few issues, from work (I'm working on a Saturday :P).

The comic update is advancing slowly. This new job I have is intellectually demanding and I arrived in the middle of a project that was behind-schedule, so it's been pretty intense. Add a 2-hours commute total (1 to get to the office and another to return home) and my free time is spent vegetating or zoning out. The page IS there, base coloring done, but I just don't have the energy to do all the process quickly.

That's why I opened the Chronicles site. I can write tidbits of each chapter from work during off-moments when I need to clear my head and during lunch. Final edits happen both at the office and at home, where I do the quick illustration sketch for the even chapters. I can't draw and color from work.

Now, to address Wanderer, The Hawk Furies is not a sequel to Lands of Strife; ten years is enough for the girls to have forged their own backgrounds independent of what happens to them in the comic (and all my plans for them in the comic are already factored in their adult personalities). Lands of Strife has an ending... it might be far, far in the future as I work at a snail's pace, but Derrexi's story in Beldatz will have its conclusion way before it catches up with the story of The Hawk Furies. So, aside from Tzie's ascension to the Beldatz throne at an unspecified moment in time and her relationship to Gisako, there's no major spoiler to the comic's story. The comic's protagonists: Derrexi, Xu're, Larriki and Yanti are off doing their own things far away, and Eclipse is too busy being Governor Tzie to be part of the main plot of The Hawk Furies.

Besides, when the first "book" of The Hawk Furies is done, I will switch to Moonrise, which is completely independent from the comic.

The project at work will be done just before the holidays, after which we're all getting a week-long vacation, which I will use to draw more pages to create a coloring queue. By then I expect to have posted two comic pages already sitting on my queue. Sadly, the comic is not my priority; I almost hit rock bottom with my savings during this unemployment phase and survival is number one on the list. I had planned vacations to Germany to visit AngelChyld, but those plans were scrapped because of the above lack of money and the priority of securing my livelihood by working hard to keep this job.

If you have questions, comments and other stuff, drop me a line on the forums or by email. I check both daily.