Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of dates, deadlines and futures

Well! That was one long dry period. First of all, I want to thank everyone for your patience. Many a night a sat typing after returning from work, looking at the laid out and half-sketched page that you see today, wanting to work on it, but with a pressing, then overdue deadline staring at me accusingly.

Well, the dinosaur is out of my studio, Damocles' sword is back in its scabbard and ((include another "I'm free" metaphor)). I did send my portfolio to Green Ronin's art director in the hopes that I'll get to do some illustrations for my own book, but that will come when I deliver the art order document... which I'm tempted to deliver in a sketchbook form, but I don't have time for that.

What's in the future now? Well, for one I can stop going to bed late, so I won't be dozing off at my job the next day, but I already have things planned. Because I still have the M&M document unfinished, I didn't sign up as a freelancer for a D&D 4E project, and thus I didn't get an advance copy of the rules. However, we're only two months from the new edition's release, and what I will be working on is to fully develop Nahast's setting information, putting together all my notes and ideas so that, when I do get the rules, I can work on classes, feats, rules and other options. Now, depending on how different things look, I will release the material I managed to finish for the d20 3.5 system... possibly for free, or for just a small amount.

And lastly... today's my birthday! ^^ I shall get a donut to go with my morning coffee to celebrate <.<