Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Emergency update

OK... the response to the last rant surprised me in the good way so I hurried to get this week's page inked (coloring would take too long). As you can see, I do most of the backgrounds entirely in the computer.

Also, checking the forums I did discover Ping Teo's (aka Phalanx) amazing fanart:

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

On delays

These days, my time has been devoured by three things: World of Warcraft, The Artificial Hero's Handbook (which I wrote and illustrated, so go buy it! :) ) and writing the novel for Wizards of the Coast open call for a new fiction line.

That and the utter lack of feedback, which is kind of discouraging. No word in the tagboard nor in the forum with a single exception by email. I know I have a mostly silent readership, but it makes one wonder if silence doesn't equal scarcity.

So I'm thinking of skipping this week completely so I can I get back on the funk.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Roll initiative!

...and cue the heroic music! :) Battle is joined in earnest and all the protagonists are in the same scene for the first time! Yay! It only took, what... two years? :)

Anyway, someone on Websnark once commented that it would be nice to have some d20 interpretation of what is going on in the comic, so... here it is!

Last page, the demonspawn is out of actions when Niriko arrives on the scene, but he notices her and is very obvious it's going to attack her. Just to be clear, I'm using a house rule me and my friends use in our D&D games where we roll initiative at the beginning of every round.

Next round.

Eclipse wins initiative. She uses a Moonshade tattoo power that grants her something similar to the Shadow Jump ability from the Shadow Dancer prestige class. She attacks the demonspawn and hits (not a full attack; that double strike is only artistic license :) ).

Next in the initiative count is Larriki. He uses a move action to swoop down and uses holy smite to lay down some hurt on the demonspawn. The demonspawn is blinded, which can't be good for its health if the party's rogue (Yanti) is yet to take his turn...