Monday, January 31, 2005

Little changes

You may, or may not notice, but on this page I changed the way I ink the pages. Instead of my trusty Sakura markers, I switched to using a brush and a bottle of china ink. This is not the first time I use a brush to ink, but it has been a long time since I last did it. Three things became clear with this: 1) I definitely achieve a better control of line width; 2) I need practice to actually achieve the line widths I want... 3) I need a finer brush.

Still, the lines do look more solid, if I do say so myself; I just need to get a feel with my hand to have better control.

Also, this update is on time because there was a very long blackout on Friday, and I managed to finish not one, but TWO pages before the power came back and I could resume my work on the word processor. On saturday I decided to pull an all-nighter to color today's update... frankly because I didn't want to go to bed; I saw The Grudge on Saturday night and it creeped me out severely.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year Stuff

Today's update is the first of 2005! And so I bring you some musings about Nahast's and my own future.

First, while I wasn't able to draw (the drawing paper I took to my folks' place got wet), I did finish 8 pages worth of storyboards, which is the big stumbling block when I have to do a new page; this means that I already know what the next two months of pages will look like :)

One of the things I did was the sign up for the Keenspace New Year's Event, in which two webcomics paired together to have their characters go on a date to a New Year's party :) Check the Forum (or simply click on the link) to check it out, and visit Darken, the comic Nahast was paired with.

On other news, I'll finish my last big project at the end of this month, but also I may get another steady job by then, which means I will once more be busy continuously; however, I have settled on a relatively comfortable rhythm with Nahast, so updates will be as prompt (hah!) as always... meaning between Monday and Tuesday, with a rare miracle of a Sunday now and then :)

Oh, and check out the new voting gift! The last one was Derrexi's younger self; now, in the spirit of the New Year, the voting gift is a drawing of Niriko, 20 years from now (bless the half-elf blood that makes her look a twenty-something while she's really in her mid-thirties :) ) Everything in the drawing has a reason, and some you may be see in a couple of years when we reach that part of the story :)

So... Happy New Year and thanks for reading!