Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's alive!

After a harrowing week, the computer is alive and working.

My first scare when bringing it back from the shop was that the monitor just wouldn't turn on. I opened it to check the new videocard was correctly installed and nothing. After pulling my hair for half an hour, I realized that the keyboard and mouse sockets were backwards than from my old motherboard. Switching them was the secret to a) correct startup, b) feeling silly.

There were no more scares, actually, just the drag of reinstalling all my software and utilities. Luckily, I had backed up on DVD the contents of the My Documents folder (inside which is everything I've done on Nahast), as well as the color palettes and some filters. However, I discovered that in my font archives were missing two very important ones: the one I use for the chapter titles, and the one I use for Draconic. A quick dive on the net and I have them again.

So... the next page that would have gone up last week is ready to go up on Monday.

Now, the only thing that I lament is that I'm US$320 dollars poorer. Well... $310, counting LazyP's generous donation. While more pages and stuff is lined up, work with potential pay will take priority over Nahast.

And for the curious, here's my new gear:
*AMD Sempron 3800+ Processor at 1.8GHz.
*PCChips motherboard, with enhanced audio (replaces my old Creative Live! 5.1+ audio card)
nVidia GeForce 7200 videocard, PCI-E, 256MB but can emulate 512MB (replaces my old FX5200), honestly, I could have gone without this upgrade

I'm looking to sell my discarded components, but don't bother replying if you don't live in Mexico. You're better off looking at local alternatives, since the shipping charge would eat up any benefit.

P.S. Comments are broken; if you want to leave a word, click here for the forums!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Will draw for spares

Well, I just got final word on my computer. The motherboard and processor are unsalvageable, and there are no longer any motherboards in production that would take both my RAM and my video card. I'm going to need around US$320 to get my computer back in order (US$230 as a minimum).

While I can afford it, it seriously impacts my savings so, as the title says, I'm going to start a comissions program. While I don't have the software to make changes to the webpage to put prices, email me for info. I'll work on the commisioned pieces while the computer is fixed, and hopefully get the cost of the new parts back once I start mailing off the finished art.

Computer problems

Well, seems that my faithful computer, which I named Jiang Hu (cookie points to whomever gets it ;) ), has given its last battle as of today.

It's been serving me for a good five years of heavy use, during which I used it for work and entertainment through most of the days. It weathered five storm seasons, three of which were in my old address, which always had a lousy insulation (some of you will remember helping me buy a good UPS, which is still valiantly serving and in good conditions).

I just received news that I will have to replace both motherboard AND processor. The techie, a trustworthy chap that has always helped me find good deals, told me he'd do the best to find parts that are still compatible with my DDR1 RAM chips, so things won't get very expensive. Still, this will be a hit on my savings, as I'm jobless and surviving off some freelance deals.

Sooooo... basically, if you ever planned to make a donation, this would be the time to do it. Whether it's by contributing to the Extra Page Fund (which will be taken into account once I'm able to actually make new pages), buying a wallpaper (which will be mailed out as promptly as I can access my HD again or my DVD backups) or just a no-strings-attached donation, you'll be helping me in getting things back on track. In the meanwhile, I'll be working on the low-tech parts: storyboarding, drawing and inking.

This chapter is almost done, and there will be a new wallpaper with a VERY definite spoiler pic, so don't get it until you read the last page ;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hard updates

Soooo... one idea for putting things on the blog was talking about the "making off" the pages... so, for this one...

It was hard. And not because of techniques... those were easy. I'm reaching a comfortable middle between a couple of coloring techniques I've been trying over the last several months. The problem was more of an artist's block thingie... I stared at the page on my monitor and... I just couldn't do anything with it. Mechanically speaking, once I set my self on actually working on it, things came quickly. But when I had to switch and do another thing on it... distraction, or something.

Well, finally it's here. This chapter will end in two more pages, but they are very juicy ones. The next one is already inked, ready for scan, and the one after that is in pencils waiting for the inking pens. Let's hope the artist block thingie is gone.