Monday, April 11, 2005


Okay... here's the long story.

First of all, sorry for skipping out on updating for so long without an apparent reason or explanation. Before I start sounding like the Typical Angsty Artist, I want to say that my funk was in no way related to Nahast or my abilities as an artist, but to a collection of life situations.

Now, while fighting off the funk, rain season started, and in this season, power always fails intermittently. My Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS for short) gave up last year and now only works as a power regulator, so everytime there is a power spike or valley, my computer reboots. This happened several times while I was working on Nahast and I lost everything I had not saved, so every time it happened I was discouraged and the funk returned.

Well... I'm feeling better this week, and I want to catch up with everything I let slow down, however, I'm going to need some help.

Basically, I need a new UPS. I'm not sure how much the one I need costs but I'm going to start looking around local prices, but I'm pretty sure it won't cost anything below US$170.

Now... I don't normally ask for things like this, but now I need it; I'm going to make a deal: if I can collect US$170 through donations by May 15th to buy a new UPS, I promise that there will be THREE updates in a single week; I will spend all my time that week working on Nahast. If I collect between US$120 and US$169.99, there will be two updates in the week, and if I collect anything less, I will send all who donated an exclusive wallpaper.

So... I'm asking for your help here; the worse of the blackout season starts around April and May, so I hope to be able to get a new UPS before my computer actually suffers damage. Use the Donate button at the bottom of the left column above :)