Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm really excited about all my projects :)

Regrettably, expect Nahast to run late-ish like it has been, but I'm trying to make sure that the comic goes up on monday as promised, even if it's late on Monday...

Speaking about the comic... did you think that was all of the fight? That an ancestral sorcerer would limit himself to a measly potion of bull's strength? I couldn't waste this wonderful opportunity for the protagonists to finally meet each other after two years of comic, could I? Nyahaha!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


It's been a while since I updated this part, right? :)

Well, I thought that being a freelancer would give me more chances to relax, and more time to enjoy myself and work on the comic. Well, it was true the first couple of months as you can see that, while I was late a few times, I never missed a week.

Well, now I'm finding myself with a lot of work :) Such is the nature of freelancerdom; a couple of months of nothing and another couple where I want to pull out my hair. I'm currently negotiating a contract to write a full anime-inspired RPG, and if it comes true, my next 2-3 months are going to be quite full as I do have another two projects with close deadlines for two different companies.

However... given how Nahast has been coming up and slowly rising, I don't have plans of abandoning it. I'm working faster and a little better with every page and I will still have time to do it.

Now, for this week's update. There you have almost all the Hawk Maidens for the first official time in the webcomic. You already know Niriko, Behari and Jakitza from the stories posted, but you have yet to meet Gisako, Tzintzi and Erukien, who also have their own story to tell (actually, Gisako's is already written and waiting for the current scene to end so as to act as an intermission).

I have now found that I can do an entire page, from sketch to pencils to color to dialogues in a single day without nothing else to do so, in the far future when I'm good enough to earn money from it, there could be daily Nahast :)