Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hard one!

I would have liked to get this update done earlier; in fact, the base colors where done by monday, but a lot of things have been coming on that delayed things. I've been editing my mother's autobiography, doing some art for a corporate presentation for my sister's employers, trying to find emergency funds sources to finance a possible trip to Germany to visit AngelChyld... phew.

I kept getting stuck on the first frame. I usually do backgrounds last, but I chose to do the first frame first, being one big background. I kept getting stalled in the details, and then distracted by all the other things. When that frame was done, everything went a lot more smoothly. I liked doing the sea in the second to last frame; seems oceans and mountains are becoming my landscape specialties... I need to master vegetation too, and find a quick way to do cityscapes.

And I changed the character design of Niriko's dad a little. I figured... he must have been something to have an elf fall in love with him and have his child, and the original drawing made him out to be an old scroogey guy, so I made him look rougher and more solid and manly. Besides, I haven't drawn the man in about 4 years and my style has changed since then, so, why not fiddle with the design? It's part of the clauses in my artistic license. :)


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