The World of Nahast

Nahast is a huge continent distributed evenly on the North and South of its world's equator. Since no lands are known to the East and the West remains largely unexplored, Nahast is also the name its inhabitants give to the world. At least those aware that they live in a larger world.

For ages, Nahast has been the stage of divine conflict and cosmic attention. The gods and goddesses of Nahast have never stood idly as their creations dominate the world, but have engaged in wars of incomprehensible magnitude. Many have fallen by the wayside, overcome by their stronger brethren. These fallen deities have few choices left: flee into the world to become mortals and minor spirits or be literally devoured by the deity that vanquished them; their power, memories and their very self absorbed by the victor.

To survive this ruthless existance, many deities have forged alliances, like the Solernian and Zergunese pantheons. Other deities have chosen to abandon the war, cloaking themselves in the visage of mortality and abandoning their celestial dominion, wandering their former lands while trying to keep their worshippers safe as best they can.

Since its beginning, Nahast stands in the centre of the Dreamlands, a realm where belief, faith and dreams have real power. Spirits live and travel in the Dreamlands. The gates to the gods' celestial abodes are built in the Dreamlands. Magic was born and flows forth from the Dreamlands. The ruins of forgotten ages disappeared from Nahast's material reality to exist in the Dreamlands. Only gods, spirits and a select few enlightened beings can visit this place naturally, although mortals visit it every night when they close their eyes and sleep.


The Myths

The Creation of Nahast
The Wheel of Ages
The Demon War
The Region of Dreams

The Races

The Races of Nahast

Races of the First Age.- Spirits and demons.
Races of the Second Age.- Dragons
Races of the Third Age.- The Reptilians (brute, artisan, warrior, priesthood and ruler castes)
Races of the Fourth Age.- The Beastfolk (the skrii'qek, the wufa, the mobid, the merru, the kiirari)
Races of the Fifth Age.- The People of the Land (humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, half-breeds, demonspawn)

The Nations

Empire of Solerne
The Maevindra
Empire of Zergune
The Iron Baronies
The Red Coast
The Halev Principalities