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Posters and Events

I made the first three to promote the site early January 2002, but got caught up with work. "2003" covered for a few hours while I made Jan. 1st's real page :)

Derrexi Tzelan



2003 (civilian Derrexi)

Keenime Spring Break (visit the page)

Fantasy Lair Babewatch 2003
(visit the page)

Fantasy Lair Babewatch 2003
(visit the page)

Ace of Clubs (visit KeenCards)


Jack of Diamonds (visit KeenCards)


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Made to celebrate some significant dates, such as the first 2,500 visits/3 months, or when I feel like it :)




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Character Sketches

These are early concept sketches for some of the main characters, mixed up with illustrations for potential secondary characters, or at least character and prestige classes for the d20 part of the project.

A Cleric of Suze'en

Larriki, a skrii'qek monk

A Falcon Knight

A couple of quetzerri


Early sketch of Derrexi

A skrii'qek warrior

Viryuni elves


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Concept Sketches

I made these to give me and the rest of the group an idea of what we are going to do. Right now, we have mostly monsters for our mandatory bestiary, but there's more planned.

Nadarak halflings and their tribal tatoos

Blade Golem from the Iron Baronies

A taurok warbeast from the Iron Baronies

Zephyr stag from the Maevindra elves


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Fanart Contest

These are the entries I've received for the Fanart Contest, so far :)

by Azalea

by Arrow

by Mevima

by s/LaSH

2nd Fanart Contest


by Azalea

by Dave Van Domelen

by Jops

by Jops


by Luprand

by Willa

by Gus

by Alien

Assorted Fanart


by Ping Teo

by Bluefish

by Azalea

by Azalea


by Azalea

by Jim North


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Tales of the Hawk Maidens

A collection of short stories focusing the girls who will train under Derrexi. Co-written with N. Kolm :)


01. Behari

02. Niriko

03. Jakitza


04. Gisako

05. The Eve


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