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Babewatch 2003 - 01

Babewatch 2003 - 02


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Original Soundtrack

Odd section; these files are not hosted in Keenspace and may go away if I run out of space in my own server. I made the original music with a Creative SoundBlaster keyboard and using Cakewalk Express 8.0. My friend Juan Pablo LeMoyne started contributing recently; he's a real, honest-to-goodness musician who wants to be a soundtrack composer, so he's using Nahast as practice :) His midi files are works in progress in wait of sampling and encoding as mp3s.

"Solernian Dawn" mp3 (1.92MB). Sort of an opening and, if I ever do something in Flash, this will be the background music.

"Dance of the Hawk Maidens" mp3 (3.78MB). People tell me it sounds cute, which is more or less what I was going for :)

"Derrexi's Theme" midi (14KB) Actually a work in progress, you might want to right-click 'Save Target Link As...'

Theme midi (26KB) by J.P. LeMoyne. What a midi file from a real musician sounds like :), this is Pablo's first contribution to the Nahast OST. Use the right-click method.

Arrivals midi (77KB) by J.P. LeMoyne. Pablo's background music for the first scene of the comic.Use the right-click method.



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