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Let's start with my own website: Estudio Coyotzin is finally up after months of procrastinating :) It has a gallery with all my artwork (that is fit to be showed, of course) that doesn't relate to Nahast, and an explanation on just what I do to be so busy :)

Also of related interest would be my LiveJournal, which also suffers from sporadic updating.


If you like Nahast enough to link to, you can use one of the following banners to make the link look nice :). Simply right-click and choose "Save Image As.." or the equivalent in your browser.

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Rings, banner exchanges and directories

I signed up for these, so check them out! (you can see most of them in the front page, but hey :) )

OnlineComics.net - A Directory of Online Comics
Webbed Comics
Fantasy Herald

GameWyrd's Cyber Nexus

ENWorld's Community D&D Links

Nahast's entry in Comixpedia.org


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Special Projects

Art collaborations, pin-ups, group efforts and the like :)


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Lord of Life and Death (plus others)
Fallen Angels Used Books
Something Positive
Errant Story
Kung Fool! (aka Crazy Kimchi)
Sluggy Freelance
Penny Arcade
Real Life
Wapsi Square
Nine Swords
Polymer City Chronicles
College Roomies From Hell
VG Cats
GU Comics
Alpha Shade
Marry Me
Alpha Luna
Elf Only Inn
Dresden Codak
Clone Manga
Skin Deep

Falcon Twin (finished)
Angels 2200
Count Your Sheep
The Order of the Stick
A Modest Destiny/The Starship Destiny (finished, somehow)
MacHall Comics (finished)
Chugworth Academy
Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
Questionable Content
Scary Go Round
Low Road
The Jaded
Girl Genius
Three Panel Soul
Looking For Group
Fortune's Fools
Far Light Saga: Ethos
Pan's Corner

Webcomic Related

Damn Good Comics
Tangent Panel2Panel

Webcomic Finds
The Webcomics Examiner


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RPG sites

EN World - Reviews, messageboards, news, interviews and other stuff for the d20 System
Pen & Paper - Databases, galleries, more news, etc.
GameWyrd - Interactive stories, famous last words, resources and homesite to the guy who reviews some of my works and makes me cry ;-) *new*
RPG Host - Resources, downloads... more news... web rings, hosting.
RPG News - Like it says; news. There's more stuff actually :)
RPG Net - One of the meanest sites around.
The Open Gaming Foundation - Supporters of Open Game Content.
PCGen - Homepage for one, if not the best character generator software for Windows.
Roleplaying Tips - An e-zine with advice for RPing.
Free Gaming Association - Another supporter of Open Game licenses.
Mortality.net - Resources for all editions of D&D
The Roleplayer's Guide - Lots of links, articles, resources, even humour.
The Dragonlance Nexus - Bringing Dragonlance to the d20 system.


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RPG Companies

Wizards of the Coast - Publishers of D&D and owners of the d20 license.
Mongoose Publishing - A very prolific d20 company
White Wolf Game Studio - They've tackled all the genres, including d20 fantasy.
Green Ronin - Very good d20 output.
Guardians of Order - They make anime RPGs, mostly.
Fantasy Flight Games - Dragonstar... tough competition.
Ronin Arts - Home for workaholic freelancers.
Atlas Games - They make Nyambe - African Adventures, that has to earn points.
Malhavoc Press - One of the pioneers in PDF sourcebook sales, fixed the ranger class!
Alderac Entertainment Group - They have milked the d20 cow good: Rokugan, Spycraft, etc. They still do their non-d20 stuff
Bastion Press - Makers of Oathbound and a slew of sourcebooks.
Mystic Eye Games - Make Hunt: Rise of Evil and support many smaller publishers.
Troll Lord Games - They give a lot of work to the Gygax family...
Avalanche Press - Perfect example of the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover".
Chaosium - One word: Cthulhu.
Privateer Press - They've been taking their time with their Iron Kingdoms setting... I want my steampunk!
Gold Rush Games - They do d20 stuff, plus they launched their own free game system: Action!, not to mention Champions.
Sovereign Stone - The setting created by artist Larry Elmore.


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