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Beastfolk - The Quetzerri Foxfolk

Amongst all the beastfolk, few races are as ill-received but as tolerated as the Quetzerri. This race of fox-like men and women are distantly related to gnolls, which is a great offense to them. Quetzerri wander the world with the only seeming goal to cause trouble, their curiosity taking them away from the Shattered Islands to the point that they no longer consider them home.

Player Character Information

Quetzerri characters have the following characteristics:

Personality: Quetzerri never lose the opportunity to find out something or to poke their nose where they are not called. Their insatiable curiosity tends to get them into a whole lot of trouble, but this does not worry them, as new problems mean new experiences. Along their natural intromission there is an irresistible compulsion to cause mayhem and pull pranks.

Physical Description: All of a Quetzerri’s body is covered by fine and lustrous fur that can range from reddish to brown, depending on the individual. Their bodies are exactly the same as a human’s but leaner, more flexible and shorter. Their heads are vulpine, long and fine with crispy manes, expressive eyes and ever-twitching pointy ears. When they are amongst other races, they prefer long robes and cloaks that hide their bushy tails but do not hinder their movement. They like earrings and rings, and it is a fact that no Quetzerri lacks some adornment for ears or fingers. Next to the difference in fur color and pattern, jewelry is another pointer that helps to tell individuals apart. Their life expectancy is 90 years.

Relations: Gnomes and halfings are the preferred company of the Quetzerri, given their mutual pastime of pulling pranks and casting illusions. These canids love to be amongst humans, elves and dwarves given the endless opportunities to tear secrets from their hiding places and pulling pranks. They consider half-orcs and most other beastfolk to be too serious or too dense and not at all fun.

Alignment: Chaotic to the letter, Quetzerri live to ignore rules, although it is not that rare to find law-abiding individuals. They do not have bad intentions most of the times, though some can cross the line and be definitely malicious.

Quetzerri Lands: There are none. The foxfolk practically forgot the fine art of settling and prefer to roam the world. The eldest tend to settle down in other races’ communities and welcome any and all travelers from their species. Rumors tell that there are spots that only a Quetzerri can find where some of them build encampments with a rotational population, where any of the foxfolk can find safe haven.

Religion: This race is too fickle and irresponsible to hold a stable religion. Each individual is free to worship his or her favorite god, although they have a special fondness to the Power Xarmagar, Mistress of Magic.

Language: Quetzi is a language of overwrought phrases combined with barks and whimpers, plus the untranslatable element of ear movements. They have some words and expressions in common with Gnoll, so any who speaks the latter can roll an Intelligence check (DC 15) to understand a Quetzerri. The written form uses Elvish, curiously enough.

Names: Quetzerri have two names: the one they use among themselves and the one they use with the rest of the races. They obtain their secret name when they are born and live with it for the rest of their lives. Their public name comes from whatever source calls the Quetzerri’s attention in his first trip away from his parents, and that is how everyone calls him. It is not rare to find one of the foxfolk to have a name of orcish origin if his sense of humor is rather twisted. When a Quetzerri discloses his secret name to someone of another race, it is a symbol of ultimate trust and means that the fox will give his life to protect the person to whom he revealed it. It is also a sign that the Quetzerri will never lie no pull a prank (or at least a serious one). The following are examples of secret names:

Male names: Brikde, Cacrara, Ferro'wi, Griffak, Heh'kra, Mof'weh, Riftarru, Wara, Xirruf, Yu'wuf.

Female names: Fre'hai, Gerrua, Hanara, Hsu'fwa, Korrishi, Rafili, Riannxu, Shen'fu, Wohiri, Xira.

Adventurers: Each and every one of them abandoned their parents out of nosiness and keep traveling for more or less the same reason. They can be found in any party pursuing a rumor or looking to discover something, either hired for their abilities or simply tagging along.

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Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom. The foxes move with grace and aplomb but they are rather fragile, and their curiosity and imprudente do not qualify them for the wisest race on the planet.

  • Medium-size: Because of their size, Quetzerri gain no bonus or suffer any penalty.

  • A Quetzerri’s base speed is 40 feet. They are quick and sneaky.

  • Animal Senses: Quetzerri gain the following benefits because of their canine nature:
    • Low-light vision; the Quetzerri can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They cannot distinguish color and detail under these conditions and details are blurry until coming within normal human vision range.
    • +2 racial bonus to Listen checks.
    • Quetzerri have the Scent ability that allows them to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell as described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

  • +2 racial bonus to saves against spells and spell-like abilities from the Illusion school. They can roll an automatic disbelief saving throw when exposed to any sort of illusion. It takes a liar to catch another.

  • Personal Illusion: As they know they are unwelcome in many places, all QUetzerri can weave an illusion around their bodies, making themselves appear as normal members of another races. Limited as they are to their body type, these illusory disguises are limited to humans, elves and half-elves. This illusion is similar to the change self spell, although it also affects touch and smell. Another difference from the spell is that the fox must choose an identity at character creation and cannot disguise himself as another individual other than this identity. Every time that a Quetzerri gains a feat because of his character level, he gains an additional illusory identity. The Difficulty Class to a Will save to pierce the illusion equals 10 + Charisma modifier + character level. The person must be aware that he is facing an illusion as per the normal disbelief rules. The reason for their cultural preference to cloaks an drobes is that they have not found a way to hide their tails with this ability (the spell works normally). An observant person can recognize a Quetzerri in disguise if he can spot the tail (opposed Hide and Spot checks, modified by clothing and spotter’s knowledge of what to look for). This is a supernatural ability.

  • Automatic Languages: Common and Quetzi. Additional languages: Elvish, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfling, Orc and Sylvan. The Quetzerri can articulate as well as any other race, which makes it impossible to recognize them by their accents.

  • Favoured Class: Rogue or Illusionist. The player must choose which at character creation, even if the character does not belong to either.

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